〇 Hawa Hawa Dome, La Mer

Location: Dubai, UAE
Type: Play field
Completed : Oct 2017


〇 House Renovation

Location: Kanagawa, JAPAN
Type: Renovation
Completed : April 2016



〇 Une Table pour La Famille

Location: Kanagawa, JAPAN
Type: Furniture design and manufacture
Completed : Sep 2017


〇 House for an African drummer

Location: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Type: Housing
Completed : Mar 2017


〇 Early Childhood Development Center – Rwanda

Location: Rwanda
Type: School
Completed : Aug 2013


〇 Construction of Secondary Schools – Swaziland

Location: Swaziland
Type: School
Completed : 


〇 Construction of Primary Schools

Location: Burkina Faso (60 sites)
Type: School
Completed : 


〇 Yokosu-cafe

Location: Kanagawa, JAPAN
Type: Local development, design workshop
Completed : 2013


〇 The Third House for Caring for the Future Foundation – Philippines

Location: Dagupan, Philippines
Type: Housing (Orphanage)
Completed : 


〇 Reading Space for Library – INDONESIA

Location: Makassar, Indonesia
Type: Building workshop
Completed :