《Project in progress/現在実施中のプロジェクト》

〇 葉山の二拠点住宅(仮)

Duration:2020.7 –

〇 Amakondera Project / Amakondera 文化・教育センター

Location:Kigali, RWANDA/ ルワンダ、キガリ
Duration:2020.3 –
Summary:Construction of Early Childhood Development Center and Cultural Center complex  / 早期幼児教育センターおよび文化センターの複合施設建設

《Completed Project/実現済プロジェクト》

〇 House in Nakamachi / 中町の住宅

〇 Apartment renovation / 船越のリノベーション

Location:Kanagawa, JAPAN / 神奈川県横須賀市
Duration:2017.9 –
Summary:Room renovation for elder couple / 公団住宅に住む夫婦のための住宅リノベーション計画

〇 Peter’s Atelier / ピーターさんのアトリエ

Location:Yokohama, Japan/ 横浜市
Duration:2019.12 -2020.12
Summary: Building extension to existing house  / 戸建て住戸へのアトリエスペースの増築

〇 Apartment Renovation in Meguro / M邸のリノベーション

Location:Meguro Ward, Japan/ 目黒区
Duration:2019.11 -2020.6
Summary: Renovation / マンション住戸のリノベーション

〇 Tanokura Project, a school of remote village / 田野倉集落のガッコウ

Location:Niigata, JAPAN / 新潟県十日町市田野倉
Summary:Local village development where the rice terraces are and as prone to heavy snow. In collaboration with Jissen Women’s University. / 棚田の広がる限界集落での地域おこし活動。実践女子大学高田研究室との協働。

〇 Hawa Hawa Dome, La Mer

Location: Dubai, UAE
Type: Play field
Completed : Oct 2017

〇 House for an African drummer

Location: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
Type: Housing
Completed : Mar 2017

〇 House Renovation

Location: Kanagawa, JAPAN
Type: Renovation
Completed : April 2016

〇 Early Childhood Development Center – Rwanda

Location: Rwanda
Type: School
Completed : Aug 2013

〇 The Third House for Caring for the Future Foundation – Philippines

Location: Dagupan, Philippines
Type: Housing (Orphanage)
Completed : 

〇 Reading Space for Library – INDONESIA

Location: Makassar, Indonesia
Type: Building workshop
Completed :